It is an artistic project, which assumes the experiences of each space used as its own, where a reality or a reflection of it is exposed through a plastic language, in a given time and space.

Badsura is the pseudonym as an artist and the name given by Wolfgang Salazar to each of the works completed. Thisself-teaching project and constant training began its journey in 2008 in the capital of Venezuela (Caracas), where until today has been able to make several murals through out the country, while raising the flag in other countries.

Is a member of the Suroesteunido crew, known as soucrew.

The constant research allowed to develop several studies on different techniques, styles, colors, etc., which are reflected in the mixture of each work that come from abstract forms to kinetic art, realism, cubism, graphics, graffiti, textures, amongothers. Each aspect seeks to transmit a message and each technique allows to enhance it.


1. Positioning an esthetic in the city: allowing art to be understood as an expression that transforms society and not only as a decoration or reproduction process.

2. Bring art to the public: understanding the art as a way to socialize in formation and at the same time to gain some ground towards the ignorance.

3. Achieve graphic proposals of high content and graphic quality: captivating the attention of passers-by, allowing them to stop and transfer their experience to other individuals.

4.Develop various graphic proposals that allow us to present, through a fresh and current language, our values as Venezuelans: identity, personality, etc., and in this way strengthen the love for the country.